A weekend of planting for the future

Following straight on from the International Permaculture Day, we hosted a fundraiser last weekend for students from Ravenswood School for Girls and Knox Grammar who will be going to Cambodia with Mates Abroad in July. The 10 senior school students planted, mulches and watered 120 native trees to provide privacy, bird habitat and a windbreak on our east & north boundaries at the farm.

Whether it was the steps involved in planting trees or weeding and mulching, we were reminded that not everyone knows how to do these things and that it’s important to pass basic skills on to our young adults.  

It was a great team building weekend as they got to know each other, work together, eat and laugh together in a new rural setting. The highlight, though, was probably the fantastic bonfire on the Saturday night and the magnificent starry night!

They did a great job but it can’t have been all hard work as they’d like to do it again in a year’s time!



International Permaculture Day 2012

On Sunday we celebrated the first International Permaculture Day at our farm in Torryburn, NSW. We spent weeks preparing the property so we could showcase it in the best possible light to inspire others to find out more about Permaculture and why we think it’s worth giving it a go.

The first light of day saw the mist rising from the gulley and then to clear to a magnificent crisp, Autumn day. What a day to share and celebrate all things permaculture across the world! It was gorgeous!


We were delighted with those that came to the farm for IPD, making it such a success, and enjoyed talking with them over the morning tea of home baked slices, herbal teas and, of course, the roasted nuts. We had further time to chat at lunch over the sausage sizzle and cold drinks. It was wonderful to see people inspired to have a go right where they lived as well as to connect to broader communities. This stuff really works!

To ensure the day was a success we labelled many elements so people could see the diversity of what was in the kitchen garden as well as detailed signage for those that wanted to wander and learn on their own. We provided an extensive information table with permaculture fact sheets, regional permaculture group registration forms and brochures promoting local, like minded businesses. For fun we put together a raffle of produce from the season and preserves from the summer harvest and for the children we put together some tadpole/frog and worm/worm farm colouring in sheets.

Over the course of the day we did 4 farm tours showcasing multiple forms of composting including: worm farms, the banana circle and our hot compost. In passing the Rose Garden, we let it slip that we had won Champion Rose at the Gresford Show in 2012 but highlighted that this delightful, peaceful space was now growing multiple types of garlic and onions as well.

As we passed the pond we discussed the spillway and swale combination before heading down past the chain of ponds to the orchard.

We finished the tours with discussions on the proposed agro-forestry and Kerry discussing our farm share with the Valo's at Valo’s Farm. 

It was a great day and planning has begun for 2013! So watch this space and see you on the 5th of May, 2013!!